6 Ways To Speed Up Your Android Device
What is the usefulness of having a smartphone when it is slow? Due to so many factors involved, once you’ve been using your phone for a while, it starts to lag and android is no exception. I will be sharing with you some tips on how speed up your phone.
1.Uninstall or disable unused apps
Your internal storage is limited. The more data and app on it, the slower it becomes. The solution to this is to uninstall unused apps. While you can’t uninstall bloatwares, you can disable them so they can also free up space for more efficient usage.
While phones that comes with expandable storage has options to move app2SD Card. You can also move apps to your SD Card. Go to Settings >> Apps >> Click on the app you want to move and click “Move to SD Card”.
2.Clear Caches
As you tend to use your phone over time, it builds and stores cached data over that period. Once you realize your cache is building up and its getting large, go to individual apps and clear out your cache.
3.Disable Animations
This is an hidden feature many Android users are not aware of. There is an option in settings that gives you access to series of commands you never knew existed.
Disabling animations as the name implies will disable animations that appear when you switch apps.
Go to Settings >> About Phone >> Build Number. Tap the build number option seven times and the developer options mode would be displayed to you. This option is meant for advanced users so be sure not to change anything you know nothing about.
Once you are in Developer options, scroll down to Drawing option. Turn off Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.
4.Close unused open apps to free up RAM
Multitasking is one feature that has been embraced and is widely used on androids. But multitasking eats deep into your RAM when you have too many apps opened especially when your device doesn’t have enough RAM to carryout the workload. Once you start to feel you phone is lagging, close unused app and watch your phone speed up itself.
You can also clear memory and background processes that are running in the background.
5.Restart your device
Restarting your phone is actually a quick fix. Doing this kills unnecessary background apps and processes, clears your cache and as well clears the memory to ensure your device runs smoothly again.
6.Update your firmware
When updates are released, it fixes lags, bugs and other issues you are not aware of. One thing I have learnt about updating firmwares is that your manufacturer are always looking to cut down on bloat wares that eat up your RAM and in the process expanding your RAM minimally. I experienced such with my Samsung GT P3100.
Once you are aware that an update is available for your phone and you find your phone lagging, then updating your phone is the next best thing.
Which other tips do you use to boost your android when it is lagging? Do let us know in the comment section below

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